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Some chess kids are amazing...

Hetul Shah, a nine-year-old indian boy born 1999, became the youngest chess player worldwide to win against a grandmaster. GM Kazakh Nurlan Ibrayev of Kazakhstan played versus Hetul Shah on the 11 January 2009 at the Parsvnath International Open chess tournament in the first round.

Hetul, rated 1817, played with the black pieces in the Ruy Lopez game where he benefitted from an oversight by Ibrayev who had a rating of around 2400.

The Grandmaster didn't find the right continuation and made an inferior move which cost him the exchange. After this mistake he was running behind in material and had no chance to recover. In the end Hetul started an kingside attack and forced his rival to give up his queen for insufficient material which increased his material disadvantage further. Finally a passed pawn and an upcoming attack forced Ibrayev to resign.

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