Computer Chess Games

You can play against free Computer Chess Games online but to learn chess properly you should get a commercial chess program because it has many features like analysis mode and a big database with millions of games where you can search and replay specific opening variations that had occured in grandmaster games before. They also play much stronger and know countless theoretical opening lines.

This helps you to build a good opening repertoire for yourself and study it deeply. This way you get better and better over time as you can look up what has been played before and can compare it to your own moves. It is necessary to eliminate your weak moves and mistakes and play stronger in the future.

NOVAG and other companies stopped producing chess computers. The only one you can get is this high quality chess computer below from the well-known chess company DGT.

DGT Revelation II - Electronic Chess Computer

electronic chess
The DGT Revelation II - Electronic Chess, PC

PC Chess Programs

The most popular PC chess program is Fritz which is used by chess grandmasters and chess players worldwide. See below

Deep Fritz 14 Chess Software - 64 Bit Multiprocessor Version

The program Rybka is very strong too. It beats grandmasters as well. See below

Deep Rybka 4 World Champion Chess Software

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