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Looking for a challenge? Play free chess games against computer and try to beat this online chess program. I think you will most likely lose every game.

This flash chess program plays quite well and can be played in a big window.

Flash Chess Program

Play Flash Chess in big resizable Window - Click here!

This chess program does not know much opening theory but it puts the chess pieces on good squares. The program probably calculates the moves and combinations better than you do, and its positional understanding is very good.

You can't afford to weaken any squares or it will slowly but surely penetrate into your position and then you will eventually lose material. After that you have no chance to recover unless you have an overwhelming attack going to compensate for the loss in material.

However, best is to keep the position closed and play a solid positional game, where there is not so much to calculate, as it will calculate better than you.

Make sure you don't lose any pawns or pieces to keep the materal balance even. Try to improve your game little by little. At one stage you might be able to run a deadly attack against its kingside from which it might not recover.

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