Free Chess Games

Play free Chess Games against computer. I am sure you will enjoy this chess program.

This flash program plays strong and applies chess principles. I doubt that you can win a game against it. You should take time and really analyze your moves deeply or you will stand no chance and lose quickly. It is my favorite chess applet because it loads fast, is nice to look at and is hard to beat.

If you are a beginner in chess read the guidelines below to improve your game.

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Guidelines about how to play Chess

  • 1. Get your pieces out (knight and bishop) at your kingside as fast as possible and then castle quickly, to bring your king into safety or it will get stuck in the middle of the board and gets attacked from all sides.
  • 2. Don't waste time moving pawns here and there aimlessly. This costs development time as your opponent will get his pieces out quicker than you and will get a better position.
  • 3. Think about the center at all times and try to control it with a pawn then with your knights and bishops first. The rooks come out later on.
  • 4. Don't move the queen out in the opening stage of the game or it will get chased around by your opponents pieces. This will give your opponent many free moves as he gets his knights and bishops out at the same time while chasing your queen. If you do this you are bound to lose.
  • 5. Don't grab every unprotected pawn as this might be a trap. If you capture every piece you see you may run into a deadly unstoppable attack.
  • 6. Don't develop your opponent by trading pieces senselessly. Keep the opponents pieces passive and make them inactive if you can. Block his bishops with pawns and chase his knights to the corner, if possible.
  • Improve the activity of each of your pieces move by move. Look which of your pieces is placed badly, then bring it to a more active square.
  • 7. ALWAYS analyze the last move of your opponent. Ask yourself: what does he want? If you don't worry about the moves of your opponent you are going to lose for sure. To prevent strong moves of your opponent before they happen is called "prophylactic chess". If you can do this efficiently you will become a strong player.

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