Jose Capablanca - World Chess Champion

José Raúl Capablanca was a chess player and diplomat born in Havanna, Cuba in Nov. 1888. He studied Chemistry and Sports at the Columbia University in New York. He became the third official world chess champion in history and held the title from 1921 until 1927 after beating the German grandmaster Emanuel Lasker 9:5.

Because of his simple, economical and logical playing style he was called "the chess machine". He didn't lose many games, from the 578 games he has played in matches and tournamments he lost only 35.

"Every chess player should stop moves that can lead to a weakening of his position and should try to seize the initiative through surprizing attacks." - freely translated from the German book -Grundzüge der Schachstrategy- Walther de Gruyter&Co.

World Chess Championship 11 - 1921
Jose Capablanca versus Emanuel Lasker

Lasker defended his title versus Capablanca in Cuba, Havanna but Capablanca won 9:5.(4-0=10) and became the new world chess champion.

Jose Capablanca
Emanuel Lasker
jose capablancaemanuel lasker

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