Max Euwe - Chess Champion

Max Euwe was a Dutch chess grandmaster who became world chess champion for two years from 1935 - 1937 after beating Alexander Alekhine 15,5:14,5. He lost his title again two years later 1937 in the rematch with Alekhine that ended 9,5:15,5 (4 wins, 10 losses, 11 draws)

Max Euwe was a mathematics teacher and was president for the world chess federation. He wrote many chess books and did a lot to make chess more popular. He was a very strong positional player.

max euwe
Max Euwe (left) sitting at the chess board.

  • 1935: Euwe - Alekhine 15,5 : 14.5
  • (9 wins, 13 draws, and 8 losses)
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  • 1937 Rematch: Euwe - Alekhine 9,5 : 15.5
  • (4 wins, 11 draws, and 10 losses)

    In the rematch two years later Alekhine prepared well and won the title back.

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