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I am sure this is the weakest chess program on my site. It does not play proper opening lines and can't think logically. It puts pieces on bad squares and makes weak pawn moves that ruin the pawn structure. It has no idea what's going on.

If you are a beginner in chess then this is the right chess program for you to play.

If you can beat it one day then you have improved and you should play versus the other programs on my site. I estimate the playing strength of this program at around 1200 - 1300 Elo.

You can beat it, if you don't blunder away any material senselessly. Make sure you develop your kingside pieces (knight and bishop) fast and castle early. Always check the last move it has made to avoid running into traps, then think about your own plans. Control the center and place your pieces on good central squares and not permanently at the corner of the board. Always keep improving the position of inactive pieces and you will be right.

To castle short: Move the king two squares to the right. Then the rook will follow by itself.

To castle long: Move the king two squares to the left. Then the rook will follow by itself.

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