Schliemann Jaenisch Gambit

If you know the Schliemann Jaenisch Gambit well, you can win points with it. After all you certainly know it better than your opponent after reading this. I analyzed it deeply with the help of computers to arrive at the truth. I will make you a specialist in this opening.

First I get into the very popular white move 4.Nc3


4.Nc3 is the most popular move according to my database, so be prepared.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 (The Ruy Lopez or "Spanish") 3...f5!? 4.Nc3
Black moves
4...fxe 5.Nxe
Black moves
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Get this: As Black you have to open up the f-file. That's why you must capture on e4 (fxe)!You will use the half-open f-file later on, because after short castling your rook will work along the f-file AND your bishop on c5 (it might go there or not) might work together with the black rook f8 and puts pressure to the weak spot f2.

This is a key idea which you should know. It will not happen in every game but you need to know the key ideas to make the correct moves. These ideas will guide you through the opening right from the beginning.

5...Nf6 6.NxN QxN 7.Qe2 (to attack the e-pawn which will be lost, so what?)
Black moves
7...Be7 (prepares castling) 8.BxN
Black moves
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Black keeps developing pieces and does not care of the e-pawn, as this pawn is weak and can't be saved anyway and will be sacrificed for a better piece position.Black gets the two bishops (which are very flexible) and a more active position which will compensate for the loss of the e-pawn.
8...bxc (to be able to use the b-file with Rb8) 9.Qxe
Black moves
9...d6 (just keep developing as the bishop c8 must be able to move out 10.Qc3 Qe6+ (to be able to move the bishop at e7 which was locked in by the queen) 11.Qe3
Black moves
chess game chess tutorial
Black recaptures with the b-pawn as this controls more center squares compared to capturing away from the center playing dxc. The game is even. White has an additional f-pawn, but Black has the two bishops and is better developed.

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