Who invented Chess

Nobody knows who invented chess and some people think that it might be the cultural product of different people and various cultures and consider it highly unlikely that one person alone should have invented it because this complex game contains elements of many cultures.

It probably originated in India and spread to Persia then to Arabia and after that spread to Southern Europe to Spain, Italy and reached Western Europe and Russia by different routes. From then on it evolved, as rules got altered in some ways and differ somewhat nowadays. The first World Chess Championship was held in 1886.

In earlier times chess was played on different sized boards and with a different number of chess pieces on 88 and also on 1010 boards but in the end the 8x8 board prevailed and became standard size.

Pieces were renamed from Horse to Knight, Elephant to Bishop, Adviser to Queen, Chariot to Rook and foot-soldier to pawn.

Move changes

Queen could move only one or two squares diagonally and could jump over pieces. Bishop moved two squares sideways or front-and-back and could also jump. The pawn could move only one square but not two squares, as it can do from the starting square nowadays.

And in India a stalemated player would win at once.

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