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Beginners Chess

Beginners Chess

In this position you have a big advantage. You play with the white pieces and first you should compare the material advantage. This is necessary to be able to estimate if your position is better or not.

To get ahead in material is important in chess as this improves your winning chances. So don’t give away pawns lighthearted. You need them in the endgame to win. If you manage to promote a pawn into a queen you can win easily afterwards because you are a queen up.

In this case the opponent does resign usually as he can not win against such an overwhelming material advantage.

In the position below you should aim for promoting a pawn into a queen. After this you simplify the position by trading off pieces and finally you give checkmate with your queen.

Your Advantages as White

  • You are a pawn up.
  • You have two far advanced connected passed pawns that are very strong because they are near the eight rank where they could be promoted into a queen.
  • Blacks b-pawn might become weak as you can attack this pawn with your rook.

However, your two passed pawns are a decisive advantage and should win the game. Make sure that you bring your sleeping rook at f1 into the game.

And don’t forget the king. The king has to be activated in the long run and should go into the center to attack weak pawns and support your pieces and pawns to move ahead.

Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

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