Opening Chess Moves – Chess Theorie

To be able to make good opening chess moves you have to study the main chess openings and understand the basic ideas.

Chess openings are divided into the Open Games, (which are considered on this page) the Semi-Open Games, the Closed Games and the Semi-Closed Games

All openings that start with 1.e4 e5 are called “open games”. When 1.e4 is not answered 1…e5 they are called “semi-open games”.

All openings in which White plays 1.d4 and Black answers d5 are called “closed games”. When White plays 1.d4 and Black answers not d5 they are called “semi-closed games”.

The Open Games (Main Lines)

Below I listed the main openings. There are others, but they are seldom played and are not the best lines. In short: Main lines are good lines. They are played by chess grandmasters, except the Philidor Defence, the Kings Gambit and the Middle Gambit, which is dubious, because the queen has to move twice.

If you study these openings, be assured, these are the best chess openings played by international chess grandmasters worldwide.

You can replay the opening lines below.

2.f4 Kings Gambit 2. d4 Middle Gambit
kings gambit
Replay Games
middle gambit
After 2…exd 3.Qxd Nc6 the queen must move again
2…d6 Philidor Defence 2…Nf6 Petroff Defence
philidor defence
Replay Games
petroff defence
Replay Games
3.Bb5 Spanish (Ruy Lopez) 3.d4 Scotch
spanish opening
Replay Games
scotch opening
Replay Games
3…Bc5 Italian Game 3…Nf6 Two Knights Defense
opening chess moves
Replay Games
opening chess moves
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