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Play Chess against Computer

Here you can play chess against computer online vs various chess programs to get practical chess experience.

If you are a beginner at chess first learn how to place the chess pieces correctly onto the squares.

You should have mastered the basic chess moves.

If you haven’t, then go ahead and learn.

After that you definately should learn chess tactics and chess strategy to understand plans and chess ideas.

STOCKFISH JS – Big Chess Board

Play chess against Big Stockfish Javascript
This chess program is the strongest on the net.

The day will come when you are ready for top chess software, but for now, get a taste about chess and play versus the chess programs on this page. If you can beat one, then play against others which are stronger. If you keep losing then learn chess strategy to get better.

Get this! Just playing chess alone does not help you to get much better because your entire thought process is wrong. You have to study the game in depth.

Javascript Chess Program

This is a strong chess program written in javascript. I doubt that you can beat it. I like it very much because it plays well and loads fast.

play chess against computer
Play versus Garbochess – Click here

Easy 3D Chess – for Beginners in Chess

This 3D chess program is the EASIEST to beat. If you have no clue about chess, you should start here. If you are able to beat it then move up to stronger programs. But I think it will take some weeks or even months until you have required the chess knowledge to win against this program.

However, I wish you good luck.

3d chess

Play versus 3D Chess – Click here

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