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Chess Training – online Chess vs Computer

Get some free chess training here and play these chess positions below against the computer.

Play Online Chess vs Computer and win different positions from a low level to a high level. The highest level, which is the strongest, will be level 1, the lowest level will be level 6. These levels were estimated by the strongest PC chess programs worldwide.

In each game you will enjoy an advantage. This advantage consists of various elements like:

Material advantage, space advantage, good piece activity, opponent has more weak squares than you, having two bishops in open position, having knights versus bishops in blocked positions, opponent has more weak pawns than you, safe king or other elements.

All these advantages combined make up for a specific level from 1 to 6. This level is expressed in pawn units. A level 6 means that your advantage is six pawns. This is equal to two lightpieces (knights or bishops). It would be like being two pieces up. This would be a strong advantage and with two pieces up you are supposed to win fairly easily.

White’s Advantage consists of:

  • White has three lightpieces (bishops and knights) Black has just two lightpieces, so White is a piece up. A piece counts three pawns.
  • White has seven pawns, Black six pawns only. So White is one pawn up.
  • White bishop on g2 is stronger than his counterpart the black bishop at e6, which is a defensive bishop whereas the bishop g2 is an attacking bishop as it attacks d5.
  • White has an active outpost knight at e5 which is controlling the center.
  • White (you) should apply pressure to d5 to blow away the d-pawn eventually as it blocks the bishop g2. White should also get his queen out and place the d2-bishop to better squares where it emanates more power. Finally White should develop his rooks actively to attack weak pawns and to control files.

    Play now with White and win… Good Luck!

    Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

    Level 6 – Endgame Position – Play and win
    Level 6 – Simple Endgame Position – Play and win
    Level 6 – Overwhelming Advantage – Play and win
    Level 6 – Big Advantage – Play and win
    Level 5 – Play and win
    Level 5 – Play and win this game
    Level 3 – Open King – Play and win
    Imbalances in Chess

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