Chess Training for Beginners

Get some chess training and win this position below versus the computer. You have a big advantage of one piece. You are a knight up and should win. A club player would win this easily.

If you are learning chess then this simple endgame will make it easy for you to understand the game as there are not too many pieces on the board.

Use your pieces (bishop, knight and rook) and try to win some pawns. If you can, trade off pieces. This will simplify the position for you and your material advantage will be more effective.

You are a knight up so if you exchange pieces this knight will become stronger and stronger. In the end the opponent has just a king and some pawns, but you will have king, pawns and a knight. Your knight will eat up his pawns and you win easily.

In the long run try to create a passed pawn and promote it into a queen. Then go for a checkmate as you have overwhelming materlal advantage once you are a queen up.

Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

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