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You don’t have to memorize countless opening lines. Especially if you have to work all day and have no time to read chess books. If you have the WHITE pieces you can play a positional set up which is very flexible and can be adjusted to various Black set ups. I show you how to do this.

You play the King Fianchetto – Free Chess Strategies

In chess the King Fianchetto is a pattern of development, a setup wherein a bishop is developed to g2 in front of your castled king. This looks pretty safe and it is fairly solid. This opening leads usually to a quiet positional game where you have to control vital squares in the center and you have to make sure that your bishop comes into play and gets some action.

How to place your Pieces?

Place your pieces as shown in the image below. Basically you develop your kingside first and castle. After this or before you place your d-pawn to d4 and play the c-pawn to c4, never to c3 as this occupies the natural square for your knight which belongs to c3. Always make sure that this placement is possible. So you have to watch what your opponent plays and adjust accordingly.

Black moves and can capture the c-Pawn

free chess strategies
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The set up above is very common. Don’t be afraid of losing your c-pawn as you will get it back later. If Black captures the c-pawn you will proceed in the center very quickly and build up pressure. This gives you more than enough compensation for the c-pawn and you might regain it back later with better play as the line below will show you. This line is played with one of the strongest chess programs in the world.
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