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Chess for advanced Players

This chess position below is for advanced players. This means you should know how to move the pieces around and are able to win by giving checkmates of various kinds. You have a fairly big advantage that has a value of 5 pawns as was estimated by my chess program.

If a club player would have a winning game like this he would win it for sure unless he is drank.

Your Advantage

  • White has two strong active bishops
  • The white queen has already penetrated into the black position and paralyzes the coordination of Blacks pieces.
  • White has a protected passed pawn on e5 that may be promoted into a queen much later.
  • Well, you can win a piece now and this fact alone makes up for the big advantage you have.

How to win this Chess Position?

This is really simple, just win the piece. After this you are a piece up. This means you should simplify the game and go into the endgame where you can win much easier.
Just exchange the queen and other pieces then you will win with your additional piece in the endgame.

If you can grab some pawns along the way while exchanging pieces then this is even better. If you have exchanged queens your opponent cannot attack your king anymore. This means you should centralize your king and attack weak pawns in the endgame with your king.

You are White – Win it!

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