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Chess for Beginners – Practical Play

In this chess for beginners lesson you improve your chess through practical play.

You are on level 3. This means that in the game below you have an advantage of three pawns. You should know that the best PC chess programs measure an advantage in pawn units.

For example 3.55 means that your advantage is around three pawns and a half pawn. As a lightpiece (bishop or knight) has a value of three pawns (this can fluctuate in different positions) so this advantage would be like being a piece up and a bit more. A knight up, or a bishop up, for example.

Your Advantage consists of:

  • Material Advantage – two white pawns versus three black pawns. This is not so serious here as White has a passed pawn which compensates for that.
  • Black has “won the Exchange”, meaning he has a rook for a lightpiece, in this case Black has a rook versus a bishop. As a rook counts 5 pawns, a bishop or knight just three pawns, this makes up for an additional two pawns advantage in material.
  • Black king is protected, white king is not protected and is vulnerable to attacks of all kinds…

What you should do as Black…

  • Keep an eye on the passed pawn, make sure it does not promote.
  • Unpin your rook at f7 as this rook has no potential now…
  • Figure out an attack versus the white king as it is unprotected.
  • Play now with Black and win… Good Luck!

    You are Black – Win it!

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