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Chess for Beginner

As a beginner in chess you need practical training. Play this position online as Black against the computer and win it…

Learning chess takes practical experience and knowledge. You as Black have a big advantage in the position below. Try to win this game. If you can win level 5 games then move up to level 4.

Your Advantages in this Position as Black

  • You are 2 pawns up and might get another pawn.
  • Your rooks are actively placed
  • Your bishop is attacking the weak d-pawn. If you open the position in the future the bishop will be stronger than the knight

Always check what your Opponent is doing

You should be aware that your rook is attacked right now. So do something about it.

Always double check what your opponent is doing or you lose material or run into a trap like a fork or a double attack or something like it.

Create a passed Pawn to promote it

Your plan is to create an advanced passed pawn and promote it into a queen.

Win more Material if you can

If there is a chance to win more material then do this to increase your material advantage even further.

Place Chess Pieces on active Squares

Place your rooks actively on open lines and rows and behind your own pawns or behind the pawns of the opponent if you can.

Unsupported Pawns can become weak

Be aware that a passed pawn can become weak if it is not protected and supported by your pieces or by your king, so dont just rush ahead with a pawn on its own. It is essential that your WHOLE ARMY moves ahead TOGETHER.

Level 5 – You are Black – Win it!

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