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Chess Tutorial

Win this chess position versus the computer. This will give you practice in how to use a favorable position and transform it into a win.

You (as White) have a big space advantage at the kingside. Look at your g-pawn which is very far advanced. This pawn restricts the black knight to almost nothing. It is completely inactive as it has no potential and can’t go anywhere because the square f7 is controlled by the white pawn g6.

Don’t let the knight come out or if you do, make sure you gain an material advantage elsewhere that is big enough to compensate for letting the knight out.

The other black knight at c7 has no squares to go either. It is inactive.

The black bishop is half-dead as well as it has no development potential. Where can it go?

However you could win material now as you can trade bishop for rook. This will give you an material advantage as the value of a rook is five pawns and the value of a lightpiece (bishop or knight) is 3 pawns only. But this is not advisable as the g-pawn will become weak and could be captured later on by the sleeping knight at h8. In this case the knight would come to live again.

Unusual Plan

It is much stronger if you capture the knight at c7 (bishop takes knight) to get access to e6 for your white bishop. After this you can use the open h-file with your rook. (Rf3, Rh3)

Then you give a check with your bishop at e6 and the king must move and leave the knight unprotected. This knight can be captured by the rook and then you have overwhelming advantage.

You should win the endgame sooner or later.

Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

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