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How to win at Chess

To learn how to win at Chess you need practical knowledge.

Play the position below as White, where you have an advantage of six pawns. Advantages are measured in pawn units by strong computer chess programs. I know you are just two pawns up but you have a far better position as well. This adds additional pawn units to your advantage.

However your advantage is very high and a good palyer wins this game easily. You should be able to win but this depends on how strong you play, of course. If you are a beginner at chess then this is a good exercise for you. Try it until you win. If you do you have made a definate progress in playing strength.

White is better because:

  • White has 6 pawns and Black only 4 pawns.
  • The white rook is much better placed than the black rook. The rook is able to attack the black pawns from behind the lines and cuts of the black king from going into the center. The black rook is placed inactive. A rook needs open lines but the black rook is blocked out of the game.
  • The white bishop is stronger than the black bishop.
  • The white king is stronger than the black king. The white king can run into the center and can attack the black pawns in the center and at the kingside. The black king can do nothing.
  • What you should do

    You should try to win additional pawns to increase your material advantage. After this try to promote a pawn into a queen. Make sure at all times that your pieces remain active. If you can keep the opponents pieces as inactive as possible. If you have to let them
    out then make sure you will gain additional pawns to reach a big material advantage.

    Trade rooks or bishops later if you can to simplify the position, this makes winning easier for you.

    Don’t forget to centralize your king. The king is a fighter, remember?

    Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

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