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Professional chess grandmasters like GM Bogdan Lalic travel from one country to the next to play chess tournaments all the time, to make a living. They get free accommodation and don’t have to pay any entry fees to take part in tournaments abroad.

“If the opponent needs a draw and you need to win with White, it is the best to play some slow line, not a direct line. However it must have some idea behind, it is not good to play Reti opening for example.

Kasparov beat Karpov in Seville in the last game, but there is a rumour that the last two games had been arranged ( ” obmena udara ” – in one interview in 1989 in Schachmaty bulletin one well known Russian grandmaster expressed that idea about the last 2 games from that match K-K from Seville 1987 – when asked what would have happened if Karpov had defended the adjourned position better and drawn it, thus winning the match, that grandmaster wittily replied that it would have been the last thing he would have done in the life ).

Yes, Kasparov won that deciding game with Reti, because of most probable arrangement of the last two games between them, otherwise with that Reti innocous system he would have never won. Today Gleizerov’s 5 Ne5 line in Chebanenko Slav proved to be an antidote for the players seeking draw with 4…a6.”

“It seems that GM Glezeirov Evgeny although with elo about 2550 knows his theory now at least equal if not better than Kasparov and Karpov in 1990tees, maybe chess had changed at the end!”

“Long live Gleizerov’s line 5 Ne5 against Chebanenko Slav. Now the ball is in Black’s court in this system ( so not even Bologan’s book on Chebanenko’s Slav is enough if the opening laboratory Glezeirov, Lalic,B, Kislik-Battey works day and night.”

“GM Gleizerov brings me always good luck, whenever I prepare according to him I either win or draw at least, never lose, also I beat him twice ( Stockholm Rilton Cup 2002 when he rejected a draw and blunder tactical strike and after which he lost in couple of moves, also I beat him in rapidplay in Logrono about 10 years ago ) with some draws. I never lost despite hiim having higher elo. That guy brings me definitely luck. Long live GM EVGENY GLEIZEROV!!!”

“I won in the last round of Cesenatico tournament, I beat Italian WGM Zimina Olga, so I am the winner of Cesenatico Open tournament this year.” – by GM B.Lalic

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