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Chess Opposition

Some people get headaches from these pawn endgames and others outright hate them.

Believe it or not but there are positions where it is more important to get the opposition than winning a pawn.

In the position below White moves and has two choices: Kf6 or Kf5. What is the right move? Only one move wins, the other leads to a draw.

You have to consider that here some pawns are sitting on the a-file and you probably know that if you have an edge pawn only this will not be enough to win but would lead to a draw if the black king is placed not too far away.

Chess Opposition – White moves

chess opposition

The right strategy is to go round the back to grab the a pawns first. White can do this only if he gets the OPPOSITION.

So to get the opposition is the right thing to do. It is more important for White to have the opposition than to grab a pawn on d5.

Replay the position below and you will see that in the first variation with Kf6?? White will end up with the edge pawn only and this is a theoretical draw ending in a stalemate.

Wrong move Kf6?? – DRAW

Replay Chess Game

Correct move Kf5! – WINS

White gets the opposition first and penetrates through to the black a pawns, captures them and finally wins the d-pawn which will lead to a winning game.

Replay Chess Game

Or like this: 1.Kf5! Kb6 2.Kf6! Kb7 3.Kf7! Kb8 4.Ke6 Kc7 5.Ke7! Kc6 6.Kd8 Kd6 7.Kc8 Kc6 8.Kb8 Kb6 9.Ka8! 1-0

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