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How Magnus Carlsen wins

GM Jobava, Baadur – GM Carlsen, Magnus

GM Jobava loses a well balanced and even position because he weakened e4 playing f3-f4. That’s all. See below

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Now watch how White’s game is going downhill very slowly, but surely. Carlsen plays his queen to e4 (Qe7 then Qe4) and gets a small long-lasting advantage which is enough to win. He will have an active queen versus a passive queen.

Later on Black’s bishop threatens to go to e4 as well and this possibility proves to be decisive because the black bishop threatens to become active along the weak white squares controlling the white kingside squares f3 and g2.

In connection with the far advanced h3-pawn all black forces are working together like a family, the queen, the bishop and the h-pawn. There are just 2 white defenders, the passive queen and the passive knight.

Stage 1 – black Queen penetrates to e4 (Qe7, Qe4)

chess strategy

Stage 2 – black Bishop moves to d3 intending to be able to go to e4 if necessary (…Bc4-d3)

chess strategy

Stage 3 – Black is a pawn up

chess strategy

Stage 4 – black Queen assumes the best possible position (Qf3) – The black King escapes checks walking to the weak white queenside (using the weak square e4!) attacking the pawns. Resigned

chess strategy

All three black pieces were using the WEAK e4 square.

1.The queen went to e4 first
2. The bishop threatened to use e4 if necessary
3.In the end the black king runs over e4 to the white queenside to attack the weak pawns and this leads to a winning endgame for Black.

Replay and study the Chess Game

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top)

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