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8th Memorial of Jessie Gilbert

GM Bogdan Lalic won the 8th Memorial of Jessie Gilbert in August 2015.

“As I can see while looking at some games from chessbase now chess has been contaminated mostly in UK. Here you can see players with elo 1800 to 2000 playing first line opening theory like some grandmasters.

If this is not contamination of chess I do not know what it is? To be more explicit – what to do some grandmaster like me when playing theoretical patzer ( elo about 2000 to 2100 ), who made up opening repertoire both with white and black and whom it is not so easy even to surprise? To play for endgame or what? How to avoid that drawish line? How to avoid loss of elo after such a contamination of chess? Chess is mostly contaminated in UK due to many chess coaches and big book publishing industry which makes grandmaster like me vomit. Chess is complete S H I T.” – by GM Bogdan Lalic

“8th Memorial of Jessie Gilbert had finished, still one more game in progress, but I think it does not matter, this time I won this tournament. Still, I managed to lose 2 elo points because of the last day 2 draws against young and underrated English player Gordon Scott, with those 2 draws I lost 8 elo points ( before was winning 6 ).

He was fantastically well prepared ( I do not know who taught him this opening theory ), basically I wonder in Makogonov System of KID, maybe White should never play Bishop to g5 ( instead Bishop should go to e3 ) because Black can just ignore White’s intentions by not playing h7-h6!

Maybe that is somewhere explained in some book on theory or in a new DVD ( maybe from GM Bologan ) but I have none of those books neither. I have watched that DVD but I found it increadible that 2100 elo player knows it and I haven’t got a clue about it, so something is just now wrong with chess.

I know the old theory said Bishop should go to g5 ( many victories in the past by Polish GM Michal Krasenkow ) maybe now with those FUCKING computers the theory had completely changed.

I will assure you that those finesses in Croatia maybe knows at most 10 top players not more and here in England many lower rated players know it ( this is why I say that playing chess in England is complete shit for elo and should be avoided ). Interestingly top 4 players from the tournament all lost elo ( GMs Cherniaev, Arkell and me ) and IM Zhou Yang Fan, which means only one thing – all other lower rated player at Memorial Jessie Gilbert were rediculously underrated!!!

Terrible situation now for me, so on live rating now I am 2449, so less than border line of 2450, which I was not since 1997, when I was only an International Master.

Chess is such a frustrating game, after so many disappointments it is normal to quit after so horrible elo and results.

Basically in the last 4 months I had the biggest nightmare in my chess career. I played 84 elo rated games in 10 tournaments and managed to lose 39 elo points ( going down from 2484 to 2449 ), in that monstruous period for me, I won 29 games and 55 games were draws ( I did not lose ). This makes me now a complete patzer grandmaster. RIP (Rest in Peace) chess of GM Bogdan Lalic.”

“I won in the 10th round of Jessie Gilbert Memorial tournament in Coulsdon. However some worrying thing is that I started to blunder like a patzer – after my young opponent played 9…Na5?? I missed a trivial win with 10 Bxf6 Bxf6 11 Qh5+ g6 12 Nxg6! hxg6 13 Qxg6+ Ke7 14 Qf7+ Kd6 15 Qd5+ with two extra pawns and attack against Black’s king.

Normally any grandmaster should see this even in simultaneous production, let alone rapidplay or slowplay games. This is a clear sign what can produce dangerous combination of tiredness plus double rounds a day.

I hate those double rounds because for one there is no time for preparation and for two, this leads to imminent blunders and loss of elo. Maybe because for that reason we see more and more solid grandmasters dropping to patzer elo of 2400!!! A food for thought.”- by GM Bogdan Lalic

GM Lalic, Bogdan (White) (ELO 2459) versus Gupta, Arul (ELO 2074)

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