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Chesslines – Cesenatico Open Tournament

“Only a draw in the 2nd round of Cesenatico Open tournament. New disgusting result with white pieces which makes me going below idiot grandmaster elo line of 2450. Absolutely disgusting, people ask me why I have so disgusting elo – probably because I play wrong tournaments and wrong people ( mostly underated ).

Today I played Belarus player who was much better elo in the past but somehow lost it all ( played some closed tournaments in Alushta in Ukraine ). I had this line in 2003 against Catalan IM Mellado but he played Bc5 in the endgame not Be6.

I think I analysed all this 12 years ago with computer after Mellado game and it gave me big advantage in the endgame, but he found the only move Kf8! In the endgame. I could have played better with Ne7+ ( instead of poor f4 ) Kf7 Nc8 Nd7 Ke4 with some pressure, but it still is unlikely I would have won that game.

Basically this 5…c5 line was played in the past by the last Russian IM Alatortsev and was reintroduced in the tournament practice by Russian GM Alexander Morozevich, it is just somehow ludicrous that 2160 elo player is so well prepared theoretically, I just play the wrong people ( it seems that I am just cursed ). Fuxx it all. So if I do not want that shitty endgame which is costing me every game 4 elo points I have to study then 6 d5 Bf5 7 Nh4 or 6 d5 e6 7 e5 Nxe4!? 8 Nxe4 exd5 9 Bg5 Qa5+ 10 Nc3 Be6 11 Bd2 or 7…d4 8 Bxc4 Ng4 9 Qb3 etc. Chess is more shit for me, fuxx it all.” – GM Bogdan Lalic

GM Lalic, Bogdan (White) (ELO 2459) versus Kul, Ivan (ELO 2160)

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Long live Mokogonov with 6 h3 or 5 h3 against KID

I won in the 4th round of Cesenatico Open tournament. Good job that I have learnt my lesson from the game with Gordon Scott eight days ago where I drew and lost 4 elo points because he is only 2101 elo, in that game I put the Bishop on g5 but he cleaverly avoided to play …h7-h6 as explained in Bologan’s book on KID which made me play Bg5-e3 meaning that I was a tempo down comparing to today’s game. Molina’s mistake was playing …f5-f4 ( which move works with White’s Queen on c2 but backfires with the Queen on d2. Such a finesse is impossible to know if you are not KID player ( he never plays KID, it seems that he especially prepared it against me – usually he plays either Tarrasch Defence or Slav ( open Slav ) or Philidor after 1 d4 d6 2 e4 – or after 2 Nf3 then Wade’s system with 2…Bg4 ). It is always risk to play something which you never played before ( problem is that the opponent can deviate ). Long live Mokogonov with 6 h3 or 5 h3 against KID. AMUNT.

Lalic, Bogdan (2451) – Molina , Fabrizio (2206) 1:0

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