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Cap Dagde Open Chess Tournament

“Bad start at Cap d’Agde Open tournament, I managed to lose with White to a 2091 elo player. How is that possible?

I got to drawn position with a lots of time advantage on my clock then I blundered a pawn with a2-a4? as a consequence of 1 litre of red wine during the lunch, then I could not save it any more despite his time scramble. At the moment chess is bit shiX for me. Terrible.” – by GM Bogdan Lalic

Lalic, Bogdan (2453) – Jrade, Willis (2091)

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“What the fucxxxx is life, I should not drink and I should not bet, so what should I do, what is the sense living life when you are not allowed to do what is sweet to you?? I know it was stupid and I lost because of drink but my chess was bad anyway. Fuxx life.”

“Maybe, you will say that I am nagging too much about elo, but I cannot avoid this comparation – maybe chess has changed now because of fucking computers, because I am not the only victim of that chess computer shit – Serbian GM Zlatko Ilincic who is 4 years younger than me and who was 2555 elo in 2009 is now only 2401 ( last list 2395 ). How is that possible?

In the last 19 games ( 2 GM tournaments in Kecskement ) he had 18 draws and 1 loss. I used to prepare myself for the games by looking up his games. So now you see why I am losing with white to unknown player with elo 2091, it is not only wine which I took, there is also other various factors which make playing now chess professionally disgusting – it is of course opening preparation, this is why previously well prepared GM Ilincic cannot win even single game out of 19.” – GM Bogdan Lalic

“Something strange is happening in Cap d agde tournament, last year I played very well ( 6,5 out of 9 ) winning 18,8 elo points and now I am losing 14 elo points out of just 5 games. What is happening? With White I have out of 3 games only 2 draws and 1 loss and my opponents were 2091, 2166 and 2133 elo?”

“Something is really strange, in France there is an army of 2100 to 2200 elo players which know opening theory not worse than me. I mean what is really happening, why are amateurs there so strong, what is the purpose of all of that? I remember in Germany when they were at their peak during late of 1980tees and early 1990tees ( in 1988 I won big Berlin Sommer open ) they had an army of excellent amateur but this is nothing to be compared which is now in France. Comme on, after Phillidor period France were never strong at chess long time ago their best player was IM Aldo Haik so how could that non chess country become so strong? I will tell you how – with technology and with computer programms, after year 2000 or so. This is not good and this is not normal, most of GMs I know who play there completely ruined their elos. I will reconsider to play in France ever again because it is just all a big joke. We remember the case of French GM Sebastian Feller and his two helpers one GM and one IM but maybe the same is happening at the lower lever. A food for thought.” – GM Bogdan Lalic

“I lost in the last round of Cap d Agde open tournament. I lost convincingly, he just got to winning kingside attack straight out of the opening, this Nd5 stuff was already played by GM Paco Vallejo against GM Landa but in tournament game white played weaker 8 Bd3?! allowing 8…Nb4 he played much stronger, I do not know where did I go wrong, maybe the pawn structure, when White has a pawn on e5 is already bad for Black.

I have no idea. I did not study those positions with just Bishops on the board and his nagging advantage and he played this already many times. There was just no time to preparation, after he played like computer all the best moves, I tried to get some counterplay by sacrificing a pawn but it was already too late, his kingside attack is too strong. This is just new level of play for me it seems that he has everything analysed by computer at home this is why he won recently Corsican Circuit ahead of Hou Yifan etc, simply he played like komodo and it was rapid game. I do not know what chess had now come to but it is just terrible.”

Onischuk (2692) – Lalic, Bogdan (2450)

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