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Beginner Chess – Don’t grab Material right away!

Beginners usually go for winning material right from the start of the game. They get their queen out and grab every unprotected pawn they see. After a few moves they realize that their position is completely ruined as they have not developed any knights and bishops.

The opponents pieces overrun the position and they lose the material back and much much more. Sometimes they lose a queen because it is caught in the corner somewhere and can’t get out anymore.

Please replay the game below in which White gets out with his queen too early and grabs an unprotected queenside pawn. Black does not care but keeps developing piece after piece. In the end the white king can’t castle anymore and gets caught in the middle and White must give back much more material than he has gained before, but even this does not help he simply gets overrun and loses.

chess for beginners

In the position above White grabbed material right from the start of the game and gets punished. White has developed the queen only and Black has developed three pieces already: the knight f6, the knight c6, the bishop d7, and he will develop his rook now playing Rb8 attacking the queen at the same time. This move cost him nothing as White must move the queen again, losing time again.

Just understand this: You get punished when you grab material right from the start of your game.

White grabs Material and gets punished

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top)

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