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“I should forget the loss to Candelario, it was my fault and a bit bad luck, but I was lucky in Nantes did not play well, but had luck with other results and was 3rd at the end.”

“Here I missed just half a point. I got with Perez Candelario quite bad opening but he played too slowly with Bc1 etc then I got equal position and had even more time on the clock. My taking on a4 was a move of player of elo 2200 and less, of course I have to play …b4 2 Na2 d5 and I am not worse at all with better time on the clock so impossible to lose for me any more. My taking on a4 was also cowardly move for which I got punished by his attack on my king.”

“I think that my mistake happened because of many reasons, first reason very bad sleeping, did not sleep the night before at all because of travelling, and before the game I woke up earlier to revise the opening which I wanted to play, so with good position and a lots of time I had no energy for playing and commited beginners mistake ( 2200 players and less would play that stupid …bxa4 ?? ).”

“So the opening was inferior but he did not use all chances then I got back in the game and should have never lost that game. Better to forget all and try to get back to 2500 elo, life is not over for me.”

Replay Chess Game

My Loss to GM Candelario

Replay Chess Game

After looking into the Game with a Computer Program

16…Nh7? was a mistake as this meaningless move creates a NO-FUTURE-KNIGHT which has no place to go in the future.

First Plan

Better is 16…Rfe8 to prepare the break e4 because the white Knight at b3 is somewhat misplaced as it is not controlling e4 anymore. Normally the white knight would be on the natural square c3 from where it would control e4. But this is not the case here. That’s why Black should prepare the breakthrough e5-e4 playing first 16…Rfe8 and let his knight sit on f6 from which it supports the breakthrough e4.

Second Plan

Or as a second alternative Black could move his knight to c5 then trade off the bishop d3 and after that move his kingside knight to d7 and then to c5.

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