Playing a Chess Kid

What the fuxx is going on, I have just travelled 1500 kilometers by bus, from London to Barcelona only to be paired in the 1st round against young underrated kid from India ( 16 yeard old ) who is probably coached by Anand and the best coaches ( also by Stockfish and Rybka etc. (This is Chess Software – by Admin)).

What is going on, there is, it seems, a Devil which is following me the every tournament I go gives me the worst possible opponents etc. How is that possible, I hate computers and now on every tournament I stummble even in first rounds on some computer parrot kid. Of course with such a bad luck for me Chess must be lots of XXXX. –
By GM Bogdan Lalic

If Boggy talks like that, it makes me laugh. – Admin

Lalic, Bogdan (2483) – Harshal, Shahi (2228)-Draw

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