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Modern Chess Games

Sometimes modern chess games are hard to understand.

“I recently saw the game from last round of US championship Gareev-Robson and wonder is this is new computer chess or what?

Basically every classical world chess champion just to name Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Fischer etc. would have turned in their graves by seeing this game.

I have many questions:
If white is obliged to play Ra1-a3 in the opening then what is so good in this opening for White? Then when he sacrificed already a piece and later a ton of material already second piece for the initiative, why did Black avoid to play materialist move 22…Bg7, but instead went to 22…Ng6?, the move which would have never been played by any of the world champions I had mentioned?

Basically after 23 Nxf6+ ( instead of 23 Qf3?? played in the game which is completely lost for White ) 23…Ke7 24 Qg5 h6 25 Nd5++ Kf8 26 Qxd8+ Rxd8 27 b7 the win is not so obvious for Black as before. Basically too many questions to be answered and I honestly do not understand even 10% of this ” modern day computer chess where the most important thing is the initiative “, basically I have pain in my eyes looking at those modern day sick computer style openings and the games.” – by GM Bogdan Lalic

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