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Chess Rating Progress – B. Lalic

The chess rating progress of many formerly strong grandmasters has stopped and is going backwards. Their Elo is going down considerably.

EXAMPLE: Popchev, Milko (BUL)

“Now it is obvious that computer generation had won. You must have analysed proof computer repertoire and with this you will be successful in the tournament. If you don’t have it then you will go down and down with elo. At European Individual Championship Croatian GM Ante Brkic played phenomenally well and finished 22nd with 7,5 points, so he qualified for the World Cup. Brkic has fantastic memory and because of that he plays so many ultrasharp lines, both with White and Black ( of course all computer analysed – for him critical position starts from move 20 and more ).

This is completely new computer chess. This is why he is successful and the players of older generation are not.

GM Kiril Georgiev had bad tournament at European Championship losing 27 points going down under 2600 elo for the first time in so many years.

Incredible. GM Arthur Kogan had also a very bad tournament losing 25 elo points going down to 2530. This is all because he plays very little ( lack of practice ).

I won in Cappelle la Grande tournament 7 elo points and will be now 2479 elo ( I am on average 2480 for the last 3 years ). I cannot understand what is happening with GM Alexei Barsov, after Moscow open he is now down to rediculous 2433 elo, I don’t think he is so old. Probably he hasn’t got any forcing lethal variations ( like new generation GM Brkic etc ), his lines must be without any initiative ( like of most of old timers GMs like me etc ).

I saw that very experienced Dutch GM who was once in the best 20 in the World, John Van der Wiel, is now down to 2408 ( after drawing with strong and young FM from Aruba Jasel Lopez in Dutch League ). This can be very depressing, after you approach 2400 you do not see any solution except of quitting chess. I saw that also GM Igor Glek, who was in 1996 with 2665 elo, is now down to 2410!!! I do not know if elo inflation has something to do with it, but I can see that my chess generation is completely dead, and I do not see any solution to that problem.” – by GM B. Lalic

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