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GM Chess B.Lalic

“GM Suba after having had a stroke ( also trombosis ) and having ended in a hospital, with his low elo of 2341, is doing splendidly. In the “over 65 World Senior” in Greece, after 5 round he has 4 points winning 17 elo points, so it is never late to come back despite how low you did sink. Well done GM Mihai Suba!!!”

“I won in the 2nd round of London League ( 4th board ) against FM Dave Ledger elo 2252, complicated King’s Indian in which however which is a rare case White managed to get a mating attack on the Kingside.”

“In Mar del Plata variation usually it is Black who has a kingside attack.” – GM B.Lalic

Lalic, Bogdan (2450) – Ledger, Dave J (2252)

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More of bad luck in the tournament in Recco – the tournament is now on the verge of being suspended. There is a heavy rain falling whole day today so because of security reasons the playing hall had to be abandoned, so in order the tournament being validated for elo all the games from the 3rd round well registered with a draw.

Let’s see how will weather be tommorow. I have never had more bad luck in my life, although I have to say my whole life was full of bad luck ( also I had some good luck in my life but for some strange reason I only remember the bad luck ).

So if worst comes to the worst either due to bad weather or to some sciopero ( strike ) I might tommorow miss my flight to London ( and also miss my London League game ).

Terrible, you can see that everyone’s life depends 90% of either good luck or bad luck ( it must be some inner reason probably some karma due to former lives etc ).

Let’s see what will be tommorow, my last four days tourney started with suddenly the coach being delayed followed by boat being delayed due to suicide ( jumping from the boat ) and continued all the way down to Italy.

Either I am jinxed and bad luck is following me and everyone surrounding me or there is something in bad luck due to previous lives, I just don’t know what is from those two things but I feel something strange is going on in my life.

I won in the 2nd round of Recco Open tournament.

At least this is some good luck, I guess. – Admin

D’Avino, Gianfranco (2052) – Lalic, Bogdan (2476) Recco ( open )

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“It seems that some idiot had put some black magic on me. First thing I forgot from home to take the radio with me, then in Paris Martin Appleberry, by whom I was staying one night before the tournament stood by mistake on the charger of my mobile phone, so now I have two mobile phones but none is actually working ( English One sim-card is not working and Croatian One has now no charger ).”

“Then the tournament started not so good. I drew the first round with 2055 young woman player with Black ( I went out to prepare for the game but suddenly they changed the pairings – first I should have been playing with another guy, Julien with Black, but suddenly that Julien guy played the second board IM Arnaudov, and then he beat him with Black and he is only 2050 elo ( !!! ) and now in the second round I am paired with White against the second seed IM Arnaudov, who lost in the first round ( I am going down ). I mean this is just too much for me, in the last 48 hours I have never seen so much bad luck in my life.

Fuxx life, I do not know any more what to do.”

Bellaiche, Elise (2055) – Lalic, Bogdan (2479) – Draw

“This is that draw against the 2055 player in the first round, I had no idea that she plays that shitty 2 c3 line with White if I had know I would have not gone for Sicilian, of course, before with that 5…Bf5 line I had 3 wins and 1 draw but it seems that I have forgotten what to do and 6…cxd4 might not be the best move, after which I was all the time slightly worse without any winning chances for me at all.”

“Fuxx chess, chess is complete shit, because of such things I hate slow chess and I only like rapid chess because in slow plays because of that fuckxxx prepared variations I have recently drawn against so many 2100 player and even less and in Rapidplay I win 100 out of 100 of such games. FUXX slowplay chess, it is not chess any more.”

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Machidon, Cristi (2173) – Lalic, Bogdan (2482)

“I won in the 2nd round of Lazio Scacchi tournament. I was lucky because I offered a draw but my opponent declined it ( computer gives plus 1 for him ) but I had big advantage in time when I offered a draw. Good that I won that game.”

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