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Modern Chess by GM Lalic

Some ideas about modern chess …

“In his last interview David Bronstein clearly predicted what was going to happen with chess. He said that the creative part of chess is going to cease, basically chess which until then people were knowing will cease to exist.

There will be dry chess not interesting to anyone, people will play without any new ideas, people will use computers to tell them the moves.”

“Bronstein said that such chess should be of no interest to anyone and it would be better to stop it at all or to modify with another new rules.”

“So now we wonder that Magnus Carlsen is the world champion with such a dry cyborg chess style? It is no wonder, Carlsen is the product of the world of machanisation and computerisation of society – of course his games are not interesting to anyone ( ok, it is of high quality but absolutely not interesting to anyone ).”

“Bronstein said that the majority of the top players ( end of 20th century – around 1996 ) are just good for placing the pieces on ideal square, they are so called ” square hunters ” but they have no idea about how to invent new ideas in chess. Complete robots and cyborgs.”

“But wait, Bronstein said that about 17 years ago, now situation is completely different, chess world is full of cyborgs, during the game you have a feeling that you are playing against computers not against opponents ( because of prepared computer moves up to middlegame move 20 and more ). So if Fischer and Brostein both said that chess is dead, why is FIDE not promoting the new rules in chess ( something like Fischerandom chess or Capablanca’s chess )? Just food for thought!”
– by Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic

“I drew in the 7th round of Hampstead Branmbles Masters against Hungarian GM Fodor Tamas junior. I got an inferior position ( I did not know the very modern line of Gruenfeld with 4 Bg5, so was not sure, should I go for that position or not ) but at the end I defended well in the rook endgame.

This game clearly shows how vital today’s modern computer chess opening preparation is, I was just outprepared in this line ( the problem is that he plays 4 different lines against Gruenfeld and this he played only 5 years ago, so I did not have time to check this Taimanov line and just due not to the best selection of the line I got in deep shiX after the opening ).”- GM B.Lalic

Replay and study the Game

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top)

“2 c3 Alapin shit against Sicilian ( or the brainchild of Dr Alekhine ) is a clear refutation of Sicilian if Black wants to play for win, it is nearly impossible even aganst lowly rated opponents so after 1 e4 Black’s 1…c5?! is clearly not the best move.

All those who say that it is an unbalanced game are wrong, with 1…c5?! Black lags too much in development in order to maintain any winning chances.

This is the truth, so any time we want to play that opening we have to look up in computer if our opponent does not play that shitty 2 c3 Alapin line. Beware of Alapin.

“Success in the tournaments depends most of times on luck in the first rounds. Looking at the game today GM with elo 2621 lost with white in just 10 moves makes me wonder why I was not playing there, why am I always playing the wrong tournaments? That Nantes region is absolutely wrong to play, basically there are many underated players who have absolutely shitty elo of around 2000 elo who play decent chess and who can from time to time scrape a draw with me.

Their elo is so shitty because they mostly play among themselves and do not go to other countries. Twice I did ok in Nantes but this year seems to be tragic for me there.

But why? That young woman I played in the first round now is on 2,5 out of 3 and she knew the opening not worse than me, so why is she 2055 and I am more than 400 elo points higher than her? Basically they should give us time to preparation not just ad-hoc to start to play with such a players in the 1st round without any preparation, this is not human and I will not play under such conditions any more. What is enough is enough, I lost because of that stupidity 4,2 elo points.”- GM B.Lalic

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