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Chess Strategy GM Lalic

…following the footsteps of professional grandmaster GM Bogdan Lalic (Croatia). It is simply amazing that sometimes an amateur chess player of around 2000 Elo can hold a draw against a professional grandmaster of around 2500 Elo. See the game below

Comments by GM Lalic

“I drew in the 1st round of Illkirch open tournament. Something is strange, he is 2019 elo and he found 31 Bxg6!! Kxg6 32 g4!! with immediate draw ( 0.00 by computer ). This is not normal anymore. This is why I am going down to 2450 with Elo by playing those small shitty tournaments. Chess is definitely SHIT.”

Raab Florian (1993) – Lalic Bogdan (2485)

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Lalic Bogdan (2485) – Kern Nicolas (1965)

“I won in the 4th round of Illkirch tournament. I was worse after 15 moves with White ( he should have played bishop to d3 ), my 9.d4 is not a good move. I should have played knight to e2 instead of d4 like the late GM Suetin, his Queen c8 move is bad.

I played this line with White with check on a4 with the queen, but I played with the bishop on c4 but in the game I decided to gamble because my young opponent age 15 surely must have known that modern line, so I decided to play some old line with g3, but this gives Black out of opening slightly better position.

This shows how hard it is to play today against booked young opponents. If you have not much of his games, then difference in Elo, title and white pieces does not mean very much, because well booked young players are not afraid of Elo and title because they know their opening positions in depth.”

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