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Amateur versus Master

…following the footsteps of Chess Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic who is a professional tournament chess player in Europe.

Amateur versus Master

Rubio Mancebon Pedro Jose (1939) – GM Lalic, Bogdan (2470)

“I won in the 1st round of Llucmajor open tournament. I played versus Rubio Mancebon, Elo 1939, who played very solidly. Only in time scramble he blundered a Rook ( having only 10 minutes against my 55 minutes ).

In one part of the game he begun to overplay me. His Nh4 was a very good move ( the same motive used Atatoly Karpov as Black to beat Viktor Kortschnoj in Merano ), my Bishop to g6 was probably not the best, then I lost a tempo by playing the Knight to h5, then I could have sacrificed the Rook on e3, but that would have given me only a perpetual check.

He continued to played very solidly by omiting to play f3-f4 which would have given me a nice outpost for the Knight on e4, I could have played before …g6-g5 but then would have also weakened my position.

At the end I set up one trap by playing Queen to e6 in which my opponent fell losing a rook. I do not know why, but I am having so much trouble nowadays to beat those 2000 elo players ( even less Elo than that ). Who knows why is that happening? Maybe I became a completely weak player..”

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“I read today in New in Chess magazine the statement of GM Hikkaru Nakamura that if Fischer played today against the elite players, he would have lost to all of them because fundamentally with computers chess had changed.

However if Fischer was given time of three years to prepare with computer then he would be one of the elite players.

Perhaps that is a true, but one question for Hikkaru Nakamura – how many hours had he spent on learning chess endgames ( expect of learning only openings )?
So this is the reason why Fischer would be losing today – he and all of his generation would not be able to survive the opening ( so he would be the victim of young computer parrots, one of them is Mr Nakamura ).”

Comparison of top chess players throughout history

Amateur versus Grandmaster – Amateur wins

“How is that possible – White is an experienced grandmaster at his peak Elo 2656, then aged 44, after move 19 he has 3,60 winning advantage according to computer, and after just 9 moves ( after move 28 ) he is losing by minus 3,9, so he lost almost 7 units in just 9 moves???

It seems that it is just impossible to play chess at age over 40 nowadays, the case of me and GM Kharlov are not isolated. More and more ordinary grandmasters cannot just calculate ( this is called age ), brain cells are not working, one has got a desire and ambition but head is not working.
Is there any cure to that???”

(If I would know the cure I would take it myself. – webmaster)

GM Kharlov, Andrei (2517) – Aseeva, A. (2012)

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IM Guillermo Baches: ” RIP (Rest in Peace) CHESS. So now rating is not just measuring your chess strenght. It measures how good is your computer or mobile phone and how well you use it before and during the game. Welcome to the computer era.”

GM Bogdan, Lalic (2439) – Kalaiyalahan, Akshaya (2187)

One more bad result… – when will all this shit stop!!! Today I drew with very promising 15 years old Woman Champion of Great Britain Akshaya Kalaiyanishan. I was much better after the opening but then it came the strategically awful move 14 exf5? after which suddenly I am fighting for equality.

Obviously I have no experience in this line ( my 3rd game, so far 1 win and 2 draws ). It is very bad move activating Black to the maximum. From 4 games with this position white won in Big Base all 4 games and nobody played my new move 14 exf5? ( the former female World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova played here 14 Bg2, someone else played 14 Nh3, komodo gives 14 Qe2 and even awkwardly looking 14 Qc2 also gives clear advantage for White.

After that I have to be very careful not to get crushed and in the final position computer gives 0,00 regardless to whether I castle later longside ( and lose my extra pawn on f2 ), or to move the King to f1 which looks very shaky for me. It seems that my bad chess period is going on forever ( already 6 months ), I am like a groggy boxer or like casino player who keeps on playing and keeps on losing playing jetons slowly slowly.

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