Attacking Chess - Amateur versus GM

In the following game you see a nice game of attacking chess. An Amateur (Elo rating 2051) is playing versus a Grandmaster (Elo rating 2459) with the black pieces and sacrifices a piece to start a strong attack.

"I won in the 8th round of Pisignano Open tournament. Very difficult game for me, my oponent was much better than 2051 elo ( very experienced player who was 2219 about 10 years ago ), this is rediculous, he attacked me with a piece and until the end I had to find the best defences in mutual time scramble ( my bishop on b1 was weak so it almost did not feel that I was a piece up ), in a way he had dominating position in return for a piece down, something you do not expect when lower rated player plays against grandmaster. Anyway I am very happy with this win, AMUNT!!!"
(AMUNT means: go ahead ... This is Valencia (Spanish) dialect which means: go go valencia. - according to Bogdan.)

GM Lalic, Bogdan (White) versus Pizzuto, Samuele Tullio (Black) 1:0


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