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Chess Attack

In the following game Black is treating the Dutch Defence too optimistic and loses due to a dubious chess attack.

GM Bogdan Lalic: “I won in the 8th round of Llucmajor Open tournament. My opponent started a crude attack on the kingside with …Bg7-h6 for which he had no basis. At the end my Knight on e5 was in a dominating position.”

“Better would be 13…f4 (instead of Nh5)…

Lalic Bogdan (2470) – Alonso Moyano Jonathan (2405)

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“In blitz tournament in Llucmajor I came 6th ( 6,5 out of 9 ), in slowplay tournament I came 15th ( 6,5 out of 9 ), both time I lost to bloody Ukrainians ( Solodovnichenko in blitz and Fedorchuk in the main tournament ).

On both tournaments together I won 30 euros, Chess is really sxxx ( at least for me ).”

“What a profession is chess? ( most of professionals, 90% of them who do not win the prize ). I lost 10 days played in 2 tournaments ( blitz and normal ), won some Elo ( 6 points in blitz tournament and 6 in the main tournament ) and did a minus of 150 euros in those 10 days ( travel expenses ). Who can call this a ” profession “?”

“Since 17th of April (33 days) I played 35 slowplay games and 9 blitz elo rated games and 7 rapidplay games, so 7 competitions alltogether, 51 games. I won 25, drew 23 and lost 3.

In slowplays I played 35 games, won 17, drew 16 and lost 2, had 18 times white pieces and 17 times black pieces. I managed to lose 2 Elo points, decrease from 2482 to 2480.

I travelled from London to play London League, then to Sunningdale and back, then to Stansted and from there to Alghero and later to Arzachena.

From Arzachena back to Sassari and Alghero then flew to Girona, then went to Illkirch near Strasbourg then to Wageningen, then from Wageningen to Utrecht and Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam took a bus to London, then played again in London League, then went to Stansted and from there to Palma de Mallorca played in Llucmajor open then went back to Mallorca Airport and flew to Stansted, then back to London ( Sutton ).”

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