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Chess Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic – his Games

…following the footsteps of chess grandmaster Bogdan Lalic to learn some of his chess strategies…

“Chess is not normal any more, GM Ilincic is now 2408, GM Sax is now 2436!!! This is why I drew in last week with 2 players with elo 2000 with white pieces!!!”

IM Guillermo Baches: ” Down to 2382 elo, chess is SHIT “.

“I do not know what is happening. I only drew in the 1st round of Cesenatico tournament with White against elo 2040. I had no patience, the endgame I should have done nothing ( Karpov style ), I rushed to push f4-f5 completely overlooking his clever move ..Rc7-d7. But he incredibly played well for the player of low elo 2040. Will God somehow help me that patzers start to play with me like they should normally do ( finally should do some mistake ), if this bad luck continues I am down to 2450. Awful.”

“Still this draw is a result of my tiredness after travelling. But I am not accustomed that already 1st round players play so well ( patzers with elo of 2000 or something ). Anyway, here is the game.”

Draw with White against an Opponent Elo 2040

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How to beat the Morra Gambit

After Black has developed his kingside bishop with h6, g5, Bg7 he had a slight advantage already. Later on he is creating and using a weak black square at d4 to create an outpost (for his rook) which paralyzes the white position.

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“I changed for the fianchetto variation today in order to avoid the preparation.”

“I won in the 3rd round of Cesenatico tournament. My opponent did an error in the opening, got an awful position, but then fought back very resourcefully after I did one inaccuracy ( of which I was not aware during the game ).

At the end he lost on time but even to the end I had to play very accurately because he was setting up all the time cheapoes even in his time-scramble. He is obviously very underated player fide master elo 2145 ( his highest elo was 2340 ).

Such dangerous players age of 59 with low elo you see in the West very often, but in Croatia you do not see very often such players with age of 60 or even more, who fights to the bitter end. They just collaps by themselves after a bad opening. They just do not have so much fighting spirit and also in Croatia, Bosnia etc. amateurs are different.

They just very much praise grandmasters and they are almost sure they will lose. In the West this is completely different, which I experienced in each of those countries, UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy etc. With the raise of computers amateurs in the West are now much stronger than in the East and even aged players in the West are dangerous!!!”

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British Champion (White) loses to Player below 2000

“In this game the former British Champion Chris Ward loses with White against the player under 2000 elo. He was easily winning, but then he missed the combination which brought his opponent mating attack.

Computer gave his advantage as plus 5 for him, however in order to get to that winning advantage he consumed most of alloted time, because his opponent was fighting extremely resiliently, he never was giving up even with exchange down. He rather sacrificed the knight thus being the whole rook down than to retreat Knight.

GM Ward told me after the game that in that period of game his opponent was playing all the moves unpleasant for him ( Ward was praying to God that his opponent does not play those moves, but he still played it ).

The whole chess had changed, 2000 elo players never played like that but in 2013 this kind of dynamic play had become more the fact than exception.”

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