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Chess Ideas – GM Bogdan Lalic

I think I played recently against a REPTILIAN. I will not say where and when, and which tournament, in order to discover his identity. I won that game. He was not of ordinary white race ( like me ) but he is neither dark. I think there is at least 50% chance that he is a reptilian.

He played for most of the game nonhuman chess moves, but still he had quite a decent position. In one moment while he was losing he played the move ( unexpected for me ) and put some sound like saying something (grrrrrrrrrrrrr). I did not understand what was it, it was definitely not a draw offer. His behaviour was non human for most of the time:

1) All the time touching his eye lid and eyebow, also forhead – this made me think that he uses computer

2) He very rarely glanced at the board – he was staring somewhere else

3) The most suspicious thing was that sound which he put before he was losing

4) During the game he looked very fighteningly

5) After the game he tried to be polite and congratulated me

It is not impossible that humans still can beat reptilians ( ordinary reptilians ). He was born just before 1980tees.

I think more advanced reptilians were born afterwards ( more recently ).
OK a lots of humans can play those unhuman moves ( by not reading chess classics etc ) but because of that sound, before the end of the game, now I think more and more that he is a reptilian ( not ordinary human like for example I am ).

Looks a little bit different ( humanoid ) but those little details still makes me think that he is not a human, but is a reptilian ( humanoid looking reptilian ).

I have not 100% proof but now, when I look back at the whole thing, I am more than 50% convinced that it is true. Beware, if this solely case even I can detect I am sure that there are more and more such cases in the world ( not only chess world ). So David Icke in fact might have been right.

Obama’s Security Guard Alien? – illuminati News

Looking back, just one question: Why was I not seeing reptilians before? Why did I see it only in 2014 ( looking back it might have been one or 2 cases but in the last 3 years )?

Why did reptilians started to appear among us now and not before?

Comment by the administrator: Huuh! I am getting scared!

Stirling, William (2137) – Lalic, Bogdan (2531)

This is the game which I yesterday should have lost against William Stirling during 15th Sam Black Memorial at Wanstead ( north London ).

I should have lost that game because:
1. My opponent knew well the opening

2. Probably the plan with …h7-h6 and …f7-f5 is too slow. Better is to play earlier …Qd8-d7 followed by the next …Be6-h3 exchanging lightsquared bishops (played by Lituanian GM Normunds Miezis).

3. 17…b5?? is a new move trying for the counterplay – after 18 cxb5 Rxb5 19 Qa4! Qb8 and now 20 Nc3! I am completely lost ( losing exchange and more – plus 3,00 according to computer

4. This line I played last time in 2007 in the game Speelman,J 2529 – Lalic,B 2519, 4NCL 2006-2007. It was at the end a draw but Speelman was sligthly better in the endgame for most of the time.

So I should have repaired my opening repertoire and changed the plan with h6-h7 and …f7-f5 for something else but I did not, I still played the old same crap which I used to play before. I am not a serious chess player any more ( just could be a dangerous tactician sometimes capable of beating very strong players ), my openings are really shit with both colours!”

Replay Chess Game

One of the most anthipathic chess tournaments for me is the Guernsey Open. They just invite close group of friends. I played there twice, got a decent result ( 1994 and 1996, 6 out of 7, both times sharing 1-3 ) and financially won peanuts when I diminish expenses.

Complete waste of time and energy, complete waste of 14 days of life there. I hope they lose sponsorship and tournament finishes due to luck of money, I hope this will happen sooner or later.

The same goes with Jersey Open, I played there once, ( 1997) got 5,5 out of 7 ( also without a single loss like in Guernsey ), but barely did cover the expenses and costs.

There is a God who punishes you for playing for free in those remote desolated places where I should have never crossed my foot. I sincerely wish that both tournaments finish soon. So wasted 21 days of my life for being in those two desolated places. Yes, God did well by punishing me at the end not to winning solely any of those three tournaments.

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