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Chess Master versus Amateur – GM Bogdan Lalic

Warmerdam Max (2174) – Lalic Bogdan (2470)

“I won in the 2nd round of OKU tournament in Utrecht against young hope of Dutch Max Warmerdam. My opening was highly dubious. He was winning, but at the end got in time scramble and I managed to turn around the game.” GM Lalic

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I think me visiting always Dr Alekhine’s grave, when being in Paris, has purely psychological value, I am not sure if his spirit can ( will ) give me the strength but I just believe in it, so it is just of purely psychological value.

I am not sure if Dr Alekhine is aware that I am at his grave, if so I am not sure that he would even want to talk with me because surely he would think how much he is stronger player than me ( typical of Dr Alekhine’s mentality ).
However this short visits might give me some luck in the future.


“Collaps of capitalist system in France. Nobody does any duty, complete anarchy, Marx would enjoy seeing what is happening. Because of those idiots I will come very late to Nice at 23 hours and then what? To pay for a taxi 60 euros to Ventimiglia or to walk? Or to lose the tournament.

How is that possible, travelling 2 days and not even near to the tournament because of fuXXing anarchysts who destroyed the railways ( this strike can go indefinitely ). Nobody cares nothing for individuals, everyone does what they want to do for themself, complete egoism of the Western Capitalist system, fuxx them all.

Today there was a mass of people at St. Etienne Chateaucreux train station and nobody gave any consolation to the clients, no solution at all, no extra busses nothing, drivers did not come. Only 55 km to Lyon but nothing runs. This is France in the 21st century. Disgusting, De Gaulle would have turned in his grave and vomit seeing all that.

After many quarrels they finally after 3 hours provided one train to Lyon. Then afterwards again misery, from Marseille to Nice only one train in the morning and one in the evening, everything else cancelled. And those bandits want to prolong strike for a whole week. All should be jailed due to public neglect, yes, JAILED only that should be the punishment for railway workers in France.”


Lalic Bogdan (2480) – Calavalle Giulio (2210)

“I won in the 3rd round of Lucca open tournament. It was in the pure technical style of GM Ulf Andersson, it should have been a draw, but I played until the end and my opponent erred by entering the pawn endgame after which he missed my Kd3-e3 move after which he loses.

Anyway on the principle King and pawn endgame looked lost for him with my b-pawn ( with c-pawn is a draw because his king can easily get to f8 ), both …Nd8 and …f5-f4 whould have drawn for him.

This is a win in the best style of positional boring school ( Andersson, Kurajica, Dizdarevic, Damljanovic, Kozul, Arkell ), it is always about draw but you play on and on and on and opponent just fell asleep and loses.”

(Yes, bore them to death, Bogdan! – comment by Administrator)

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“It seems that in Asia and in Turkey the tournaments are much better than in most parts of Europe, the Montenegro GM Milan Drasko is now playing open tournament in Turkey where he has full pensioned in double room plus paid travel to there. Tournaments in most of Europe are complete shit, they threat professionals like shit, In France and Spain conditions are very bad indeed. Spain used to be 20 years ago the best for chess but now is complete SHIT. RIP (Rest in Peace) Spanish chess.” Comments by Grandmaster B. Lalic

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