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Chess Mistake

Even a chess grandmaster can make a big chess mistake.

“The next game shows how psychology works in practice. Black also a GM, but nearly 300 elo points lower than his opponent loses a better position in just 5 moves ( after 23…Nxc4 Black is clearly better, plus 0,70 computer evaluation for Black, but Qxf4+?? is a blunder after which Black’s Queen gets trapped. It is very difficult to play when you have a burden of low Elo, this game clearly shows it.”- by GM B.Lalic

Oh, my God! – Admin

Inarkiev, E. (2672) – Manik, M. (2385) 1:0

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“German IM Plischki who in his career has beaten many good players and he is quite a renowned theoretician and his Elo was about 2450, but he had an increadibly unlucky tournament in Pardubice where he lost 22,4 elo points.”

“He did not play the last round because he could not play after he has lost a completely won game in the 8th round. He told me : ” I could not play after that, why to play if I already had a point in the previous round, why should I play again for something what I already had.”

“He did well by withdrawing from the last round, in the next tournament he played well, he forgot about everything and in Tabor Open he came 4th with 7 out of 9.”

Plischki, Sebastian (2433) – Furman, Boris (2225) 0:1

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“How difficult chess is, and an almost impossible way to make a living shows the case of Serbian GM Djuric Stefan. He was a good GM some 10 years ago, but now it seems that psychologically he is finished. In the last tournament in Vallfogona he was doing well with 6 out of 7, but then he lost 3 games in a row and at the end he got no prize ( there were 10 prizes ). Increadible.”

“This is already the third rapid touranment in a row for him in the last 2 weeks in Spain to end up tragically ( in Sabadell there were 8 prizes he was 9th, in Reinosa there were 15 prizes he was 16th, now in Vallfogona there were 10 prizes he was 13th ).”

“And there are expenses ( travel, food, in Sabadell even entry fee etc ). Terrible. Chess must be the worst possible profession if you can call it profession at all. Chess is really shiX.”

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