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Passive Chess Moves

Passive chess moves lead to a losing position in the game below. Black should have activated his queenside bishop playing 9…Be6 instead of reducing the bishops power by playing 9…Nbd7. This created a passive position for Black in which he had no future.

“I won in the 2nd round of Tabor open tournament. My opponent got unprosperous passive position ( known from Catalan or Semi-Slav ) with passive lightsquared bishop against White’s strong Bishop on e4. In such a situation the plan h2-h4-h5 is very efficient. In time scramble he had to sacrifice the Rook in order to avoid being mated but his counterattack backfired.”- by GM Lalic

Lalic Bogdan (2482) – Petrak Robert (2055)

“I drew in the 3rd round of Tabor open. His 9 e5 is a novelty ( so far was played 9 Bd3, 9 Qc2 and 9 Qb3 ) but the taking on d6 with the queen is wrong.”

“In the final position he has a very safe position while his pawn structure is better ( After 16 g4 he is slightly better without any risk, the plan is to bring the Knight to h5 with g3. It is very difficult to play for a win with Black against this supersolid Petrosian system 3 Bg5 against anything ( Torre Attack ).”

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Vasicek Martin (2140) – Lalic Bogdan (2482)

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“In the last position I have no winning chances whatsoever, he is very solid, if I castle queenside he plays a2-a4 with kingside attack.”

Black (GM Lalic) played the d6-variation (4…d6) to get the pair of bishops because he can trade White’s bishop for his knight on g3. As his d6-pawn controls the center square e5 the bishop cannot go to e5 to avoid being traded. If Black would play his d-pawn to d5 then g5 and Knight h5 makes no sense at all, as this would just weakening the kingside for nothing. – Admin


“Today I play against the Danish player Bjerre Tavs Elo 2094. He is with his son here Jonas, who is 10 years old ( born in 2004 ) and who beat Russian GM Yagupov Elo 2414 in the 2nd round. Father and son are clearly underated ( the father is born in 1962 so 2 years older than me ).”

“I found 30 of his games in bigbase, but he played 210 elo rated games from the period 2006 to now. I cannot trace most of his games but he is not a bad player, it seems so. I have to be careful, he drew in the 3rd round with German IM Plishki Elo 2433.”

“I mean it is so difficult now in the open tournaments that I am around 2485 the last 3 years ( getting nowhere ) without throwing any games on purpose, while if you throw the games here and there it is very easy now to go under 2400 or maybe even more than that under 2300 elo.”

Lalic, Bogdan (2482) – Bjerre, Tavs (2094)

“I won in the 4th round of Tabor Open. 8…b4 is for Black probably wrong, he should have taken on a4, white plays the same plan like in 7. Bb3 line but the Bishop on d3 stands better than on b3. Black is a pawn up, but very passive and White gets quickly attack on the Kingside.”

White (GM Lalic) plays a side variation (7.Bd3 instead of 7.a4) sacrifices a pawn in the center to develop his pieces to better center squares and drives away the black kingside knight (10.e5) which weakens Black’s kingside. Black opens up the kingside (16…f6) too early and gets overrun as White gets a strong attack running. Black’s queen is passive and Black’s bishops are misplaced at the queenside while the attack is running at the kingside. – by Admin

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“Tommorow I am playing another player in form, Vybiral Zdenek, who is only 2196, but so far drew with GMs Sergeev and Lechtinsky and IM Ivan Hausner with Black ( in the final position he is close to winning with 2 pieces for Rook and a pawn in the endgame, computer gives 1,87 advantage to him ).

He knows opening theory quite well. I have to see how it is possible that one amateur like him changes to play so many openings ( three openings with Black against 1 d4, for example ). I still have to stop his winning strike, I mean if I cannot beat with White 2200 elo players whom can I beat for God’s sake????”

“I beg FIDE to start to organize more and more Fischerandom chess tournaments because in 2014 to play competitive chess had become ludicrous due those fucking bastards – computers – now with opening knowledge there is very little difference between Grandmasters and patzers. Fuxx computers!!!”

“Something strange is happening with today’s chess ( all due to computer preparation ), just one day ago GM Danny Gormally ( elo around 2500 ) lost to a player with elo 1890 ( !!! ) in the tournament in Plancoet ( France ) and resigned from the tournament.

I do not know what is the reason why he abandonded ( maybe he suspected his opponent used computer ) but it is all very strange. Couple of years ago it would be impossible that 2500 player loses to 1900 player but now everything is possible.

Terrible time for playing professionally chess. I lost with 2307 FM with white ( I almost never lose with white ) in the 8th round and I told arbiter not to pair me in the last round. This just explains how had become impossible now to play chess for professional players.

This is why my elo is now so shitty, 2474, it is all because of home preparation with computers, this is why I want FIDE to introduce also elo for Fischerandom chess, then I would never ever lose to some 2300 player regardless of colours because it would be no opening preparation and my deeper chess knowledge ( being a GM for 26 years ) should always prevail against lower rated players.” – by GM Lalic


“Like mostly, you draw the wrong conclusion. The reason why your rating became so low is obvious: You just too often agree to a quick draw (under 20 moves) with much lower rated oponents. It was told you many times here, but you still continue to do it, probably because you don´t want to take the slightest risk of losing. You are very creative in finding reasons and excuses for your “bad” ELO (underrated oponents, cheating, computers and whatever). But the most obvious reason you don´t see: too many quick draws with low rated players.”- by GM Bernd Kohlweyer


I drew in the 7th round of Tabor Open. At the end I am a pawn up but my position is quite passive so I offered a draw which he immediately accepted. Computer gives 0,44 advantage to him. Why is he 2196 elo??? He drew with 3 GMs ( me, Sergeev, Lechtinsky ) and drew with IM Hausner from nearly winning position for him ( computer give 1,80 advantage for him )? The weaker opposition he easily crushed.

He plays like a computer. Today I prepared for Dutch and Benko, but now he played the opening which he did not play ( he played in his youth KID but only at Mar del Plata ). He said that he prepared for the game using book of Bologan. My move with the Rook on b1 is wrong ( preparing b2-b4 ) better is probably Rad1. Chess is now really becoming big shix. Terrible.

Lalic, Bogdan (2482) – Vybiral, Zdenek (2196)

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At the end the pawn grabbing move 26.Nxa3 created a passive endgame for White because the black rook became very active and the knight had to assume a passive position.

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