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Chess Cheaters

“What a tournament, I got today anonymous letter telling me to be careful today while playing against the Russian player Elo 2331, I must be doomed, my Elo will go down to 2450 if I have to face too many computer players ( in Jaen out of 8 games I played with 2 who used computers – chip technology ) – DISGUSTING:”

“Dear Sir! You are play against cheater today. Cheating for “IM” Kozlitin was started after 5 rounds. This situation repeat some last tournaments. I informed organizers of Voronezh-Open about this cheater, after 6 round and kozlitin took only 0,5 /3 after my letter. Please, be cautious today. I wish you luck today.
P.S. Sorry for anonymous letter, I hope you can understand my situation.”

“Maybe this e-mail is bullshit, maybe they want me to be scared today, so that I play without confidence, maybe they want to scare me not to come to the game today.”

“The situation is alarming, IM Erik Kislik told me that he played him and lost!!!”

“2nd anonymous letter I got just now about that Russian computer guy.”
“… you can see – – here is game of this man. No any problem to see – 1-4 rounds this man play like 2100-2200 club player. game from 5 and 7 rounds like 3400 superprofessional chip. after round 7 all watchers was deleted from play area. draw in rounds 8-9, but any way quality of games was extremely high (for this man)”

“I checked the games of IM Kozlitin and maybe this e-mail was not bullshit, I saw that despite his modest elo of 2331 he knows opening theory much better then me. He enters all the sharpest lines with Black in Sicilian Najdorf and King’s Indian Defence, not without a good reason GM Bryzgallin ( who finished 2nd in the strong Pardubice Rapidplay ) chickened out against him with the London System, then I saw in the latest 111 New in chess Yearbook his crazy game against supersolid IM Plishki, where he overplayed the Saemish System expert with Black in supersharp variation sacrificing 2 minor pieces for a Rook a pawn ( Black always had strong initiative and White had development problems ). I really have to be careful today against that Russian computer guy.” – GM Lalic


I replayed game 5 and 7 with the chess program Houdini. IM Kozlitin played well but for me it is not proven that he is a cheater.
I say, the sender of the anonymous email should shut up or prove that cheating has taken place and give his name. Everybody can write an email like that and destroy the good name of a chess player.- by Admin

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Chess Cheater


“I drew in the 9th round of Pardubice open against Russian IM Kozlitin Oleg, elo 2331. For the most of the game I was very slightly better ( computer gives advantage as 0,50 for me ) but he defended very accurately. My last chance was 31 Bxe5 instead of 31 Qd8+ still it would have been very difficult for me to win in the Queens endgame ( My King is exposed to many checks ).”

“What to do, no prize this year in the tournament ( only in Fischerandom Chess and Rapidplay ) and very slight loss of elo.”

“Counting all 3 competitions in Pardubice ( Fischerandom Chess, Rapidplay and Open tournament A ) I played 25 games won 12 games and drew 13 games.” GM Lalic

Lalic, Bogdan (2482) – Kozlitin, Oleg (2331)

Replay Chess Game

“My results in Pardubice were quite decent, very solid this year:
1) Fischerandom tournament – 1st place with 5,5 out of 7, there were 29 players
2) Rapid tournament – 9th place with 7 out of 9, there was 143 players
3) Open tournament A – 34th place with 6 out of 9, there was 259 players
4) Q2 2nd blitz tournament – 4th place with 10 out of 13, there was 92 players.
I lost one game out of 38 ( to IM Igor Malakhov in Q2 blitz tournament 5th round with white pieces in Ben-Oni.
I tried to play solid.
This shows that the result in Jaen is not normal ( to lose 2 games in one day – on the 01st of July, this is just not normal for me ).
I should never ever play in Jaen again, simply too much bad energy there.”

“Pardubice Open tournament tournament A is very strong there is 250 players and at least 100 strong players. I finished at the end 34th. It reminds me when once GM Vlastimil Hort was asked how did he finish in one of then West Berlin open tournaments – he replied: ” I finished third – first two places were taken by two buses of Russians!!! “.

“An incredible story I heard yesterday at the breakfast from GM Gopal. He changed the room on the 3rd day in Benasque tournament, he was sharing a room with GM Naumkin.

I thought the official reason was that the room was too small, and they both got single room ( GM Gopal had to pay for some difference ).

But the real reason was that GM Naumkin was coming late ( after having some long wine session ) about 3 a.m and Gopal did not like to see him always being naked!!!

The same was happening last year in Benasque ( in another hotel – El Puente, this time it was Solana ) while we three were sharing a room ( me, GM Komljenovic, GM Naumkin ).

One day GM Komljenovic woke me up at 4. am, being very disturbed saying that we should do something ( changing room ) because Naumkin is naked!!!

This year the same happened to GM Gopal, incredible!!!” – by GM Lalic

New chess title: NGM (Naked Grandmaster) – Admin

Another Chess Cheating Scandal

GM Emil Sutovsky: ” Another cheating scandal: a 37-years old Italian Arcangelo Ricciardi with a modest 1829 Elo raised huge suspicions by beating Grandmasters and Masters , leading a traditional open tournament in Imperia with 6 out of 7.

In round 8 he was banned – according to the reports some hard evidence was found. I am very glad it was discovered, but catching the primitive cheaters, who suddenly start performing 800 points above their rating is not a big deal and no victory. Imagine he’d have 2400 and use it in 2-3 games only…

I keep repeating it – we have to enhance the fight against this plague of the modern chess. Those rare successes, catching several primitive cheaters with their gun smoking shall not mislead us – it is just a tiny pinnacle of the iceberg. It is THE PLAGUE, and it presents a deadly threat to Chess.

I know how many players are concerned with the present situation, and I was addressed by literally hundreds of my colleagues – as a player and as an ACP President. The entire chess community expects FIDE to act, enforcing new regulations, instructing the arbiters and organizers, providing them with necessary explanations, technical tools and all required support. It is time to act, and to act decisively. Alea iacta est! “

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