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Chess Professionals

Chess Professionals like GM Bogdan Lalic travel a lot and play chess tournaments continously.

“A very interesting story told me GM Vlastimil Jansa. Recently he had a seminar in Czech Republic and he was showing one variation of the Philidor Defence, he proposed one variation for White but then one of the spectators with a computer ( it was GM Viktor Laznicka ) said that proposed variation was wrong because Black plays so and so and stands clearly better.”

“In that moment Jansa became furious and started to attack this computer-like opinion. Afterwards in the car Jansa told me that he felt this is all wrong, the use of computers in the help before the games, that if Laznicka thinks like that maybe he even uses computer ( during the game )?”

“Unfortunately most of the chess youths are like that, their butter and bread is computer, this is what destroys chess, those bloody computers! DEATH TO ALL COMPUTER PROGRAMS.”

“I have to boast that GM Jansa and me probably broke a record by paying nothing ( 0 euros ) on the paytoll for highways in France between Benasque and Pilzen. The only highway we took was the free one ( from north of Rodez and Clermont-Ferrand ), all others we cleverly avoided by going into the national roads ( route nationale – the green once ). A slight problem was how to avoid it after arriving in Toulouse ( Toulouse Periferique ), later was slighly busy one part from Toulouse to Albi, and there was necessary to find the right way from Clermont-Ferrand to Vichy ( towards Riom but leaving the highway on the right time avoiding the paying – Peage ).”

“Be aware – the roads in France ( peage ) highways are very expensive, could be so expensive like the petrol so you have to be aware of that and it is best to avoid it going into the national roads ( the green ones – route nationale ).”

“By driving in Europe you have to be a chameleon – you have to avoid various colours in order to save money and not to be ripped off by expensive tolls.”

“In Italy dangerous ones ( which has to be paid ) roads are highways with the green colour – so you have to avoid them and go into the blue ones.”

“In France dangerous ones ( which are threatening you with the payment ) are highways with the word PEAGE, those dangerous roads are BLUE, so in France the best is to avoid them and to drive on the green roads ( rue nationale ).”

“In Spain dangerous ones are the roads BLUE, which are called AUTOPISTA, they are very expensive and it is best to avoid them by going into the white roads ( carretera nacional ). Also you do not have to be afraid of AUTOVIAS, those are the blue ones, but they are for free ( subventioned by the government ), autovias have 2 tracks instead of 3, but are very good and for free, so you do not have to avoid them. The safest roads in Spain are the white ones and you do not have to be afraid of them.”


Interesting Opening Variation

“I won in the 9th round of Pardubice rapidplay against the young Russian GM Oparin. He did not know well the opening ( this idea Qc2 and Rd1 is played by the Ukrainian GM Alexander Moiseenko ). I played in Sunningdale earlier in 2013 against FM Longson which ended in a draw but I missed clear advantage by playing g2-g4. He blundered a pawn with …f7-f6, later I won the exchange and his position collapsed.”

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bf4

Lalic, Bogdan (2527) – Oparin, Grigoriy (2596) Pardubice ( 20 minutes )

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Lalic, Bogdan (2482) – Tesik, Csaba (2324) Pardubice ( open )

“I won a beautiful game in the 5th round of Pardubice Open tournament against FM Tesik Csaba. Actually my 11 Bh6!! is an important novelty which refutes the pawn grab on d5.” – GM B.Lalic

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“My games with FM Tesik Csaba are always short, last time I lost to him in First Saturday GM tournament in Budapest, he is a pupil of the late GM Gyula Sax.”

Tesik, Csaba (2369) – Lalic, Bogdan (2484)

“This is my game against him the last time, my 13…Nxh2!? is a very interesting move which should lead only to a draw but my 17…Bf4?? was the losing move, because he found the accurate 18 Bc6! after which I was lost. In that game I was punished for too creative play, which is not my style ( my style is boring, not Tal-like combinations ).”- GM Lalic

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“I won in the 8th round of Pardubice Open, after a very big fight with Black against Valencian IM Garcia Roman Daniel, Elo 2379.”

“He needed to beat me for GM norm ( I did not know that ), I had a huge time advantage but he had an unpleasant initiative, with me having 1 hours and him only 10 minutes I offered a draw after 18…fxe6.”

“He never played that 3 e4 line against QGA (Queens Gambit Accepted) but still played all the most unpleasant moves against me.”

“I had this position with FM Peter Sowray last year in London Rapidplay in June and the game ended in a draw, but I was suffering after 9…0-0 10 Ndb5.”

“This is why now I took on d4 and followed my then computer analyses, still the things are not that clear, computer thinks that he should not take on e6, he declined it and critical position arose after my move 20…Ba5.
(I did not like the line 20…Bd6 21 Nb5 Kf7 22 Nxd6+ Kxf6 because of 23 Nf5, but computer thinks that Black is ok after 23…Rxh2 24 Rd7 Rc8),
at that moment computer thinks that he can play 21 Na4! ( we both missed that move! ) and there his advantage is over 1,0 ( so nearly winning for him ), after my pretty move 22…Ke7! building up a mating net he is suddenly lost.” – by GM Lalic

Garcia Roman, Daniel (2379) – Lalic, Bogdan (2482)

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“One of my previous games in this line: See below”

Toth, Ervin (2473) – Lalic, Bogdan (2475)

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