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Tournament Chess

“In every open tournament it decides the fortune of the tournament first round. If you fail to win the first round then usually the tournament is a disaster both for elo and for prize. Often it is down to luck whom you play in the first round ( do you play underated player or not ). Sometimes it can be bad luck and you can play little fish who plays really well despite, age, elo etc.”

“This is what happened in Zagreb Open to Bosnian GM Emir Dizdarevic. He played 2017 elo player who is quite dangerous ( in 2010 I also drew with him ) who of course comes from the West ( France where their elos are very deceptive ) and who was 2315 elo ( FM level in 1988 ). Here is the game:”

Ladisic, Alex-Sacha (2017) – GM Dizdarevic, Emir (2518)

Replay Chess Game

Ladisic, Alex-Sacha (2017) – GM Lalic, Bogdan (2492)

“Here is my game with the very same Ladisic from Bethune open in 2010. There I lost 19,6 elo points. It seems that Ladisic bring bad fortune to his opponents Gms who play with him. In this game I played the other opening – not the French like GM Dizdarevic but still I could not beat him, he played all the game on the master level at least. He was then 2055 and now he is 2017. Why is he so low I do not know – maybe because he does not play more against GMs like me, Dizdarevic etc.”

Replay Chess Game

“It seems that to play 3000 tournament games during life for a chess professional is nothing, Kortschnoj played 5088 tournament games, so real professionals are the players with 4000 tournaments games ( in bigbase ).”

Motivation for Tournament Chess

“The key to any success is a motivation, but motivation is lost due to many reasons. One reason could be age but another reason could be competition.”

“In chess the biggest reason for lack of motivation is either of that. The biggest reason for a chess professional is MONEY REASON. Basically, every tournament there is only couple of prizes and obstacles are terrible ( entry fees, travel expenses etc ).”

“If you think logically you will come to conclusion that it is wiser not to play those tournaments and stay home than to invest lots of money in order to win a prize ( but every tournament has just three prizes or so ). Having in mind that the logical person thinks twice before playing any chess congress in UK. This brings lack of motivation, not laziness, or age or something else, the financial motivation is of outmost importance.”

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